The competition was attended by almost 200 participants from 15 regions of the country. Athletes played 20 sets of individual awards and team cups. According to the results of the tournament, the coaches of the national teams of this age Sergey Logvinenko (boys) and Sergey Shpilev (girls) started the formation of the national team, which will perform at the European Championship in early December. The final "clip" will be determined at the national championship in Kiev in late October.

Кубок Украины открыл сезон для кадетов

- I think that the Cup of Ukraine was a success, - says Yuri Skripal, executive director of the National Sports and Tourism Union of Ukraine. - As you know, it is from this age that official international competitions begin - world championships and Europe, therefore we planned not only the national championship, but also the Cup of Ukraine among the cadets. And in general, we try to pay much attention to the younger generation. To this end, together with his brother Vadim, on the basis of his "School of the Brothers of the Scribes", the "Take the child from the street" program started, and the National Sambo Federation of Ukraine supported us.

Кубок Украины открыл сезон для кадетов

As Yuri Skripal said, there are already the first results of this program: since the beginning of the academic year only in Kiev it has been possible to attract more than three hundred children from low-income families, orphans, internally displaced persons. All of them are engaged in the "School of the Brothers of the Violins" on a free basis.

"They come not only to training, but also to competitions - so that they also" catch fire "to become champions. We are supported by colleagues in the regions - both within the framework of the program, and by our own initiatives. So, Victor Savinov - six-time world and European champion, now a coach of the men's team and a member of the FIAS Executive Committee - has recently opened his sambo school, where children from five to eight years are engaged free of charge, "the executive director of the NSFU said.

Кубок Украины открыл сезон для кадетов


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