"Last year, university teams from Serbia and Croatia met at the tournament. The atmosphere in the tournament was magnificent, and the sambo wrestlers managed to demonstrate excellent technique, "says Serbian sambist Ivan Iandrich. "It's no wonder that this year the competitions were held on a similar formula, and rivalry unfolded between the three teams."

Two of these three teams represented Croatia and had the corresponding names: Croatia 1 and Croatia 2. The third was the hosts of the tournament - sambo wrestlers of the Serbian University. It is interesting that this year the fights for combat sambo were held for the first time in the tournament, which the organizers call a significant step forward and a sign that the Memorial Mikhailovich is growing.

«Мемориал Михайловича» прошел в сербском Нови Саде

Competitions were held in 5 weight classes, and the Sambo University sambo wrestlers managed to win two team victories, which guaranteed them the first place in the tournament. The second was the representatives of Croatia 1, the third - Croatia 2. Medals were given to the winners and prize-winners by the president of the Serbian Sambo Federation Patrick Dreed.

At the end of the competition, the sambo wrestlers arranged a small gathering to train with each other and conduct several sparring sessions. It should be noted that the main organizer of the tournament this year was the silver medalist of the European Championship 2016 Vladimir Gayich. Organizational duties did not prevent the athlete from entering the tournament as a competitor.

«Мемориал Михайловича» прошел в сербском Нови Саде

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