A year ago, Novi Sad was the meeting point for young hopes of European sambo - it was in this Serbian city that the youth European championship 2015 was held. After this event, local sambo clubs noted the increase in the number of young people engaged, and the state looked even more respectfully towards the development of sambo in the country. The experience of holding a major tournament of continental scale helped the local federation and organize a national championship.

Рутинное «золото» и яркое возвращение на чемпионате Сербии по самбо

- We received many positive responses from athletes and spectators. All of them say that the competitions were held at a very worthy level, "Serbian Sambo Federation Federation President Patrick Dreed said after the Serbian Championship. - I will also note the qualitative judging and absence of any incidents during the tournament. And most importantly - Sambo fans pleased the fans with a beautiful fight of really high class.

As for the personalities, the Serbian coaches distinguish several athletes. Bronze medalist of the European Championships in Zagreb Vukasin Kovacevic (82 kg) demonstrated that he is in excellent shape, due to which he won the gold medal of the national tournament. The best in the weight category up to 90 kg was Mirolyub Ivezhich, and in the heaviest weight of over 100 kg brilliantly held his battles Vladimir Gajic.

Рутинное «золото» и яркое возвращение на чемпионате Сербии по самбо

The young and promising Militsa Zhabich (+80 kg), who has already repeatedly announced herself at the biggest international competitions, was bright at women's distance. The coaching staff of the team gladly announced its return to the national team after a short break.Милица Жабич

The leader of the women's sambo of Serbia, Ivan Yandrich, who is the winner of the First European Games in Baku, won her "gold" of the national championship quite routinely. It seems that the main problem of the sportswoman is the lack of worthy competition in the domestic arena. After the victorious result, the athlete expected the passage of doping control, which has been carried out for two consecutive years at the Serbian Sambo Championship.Ивана Яндрич

Summarizing the tournament, Patrick Dreed said: "Now we expect our athletes to be the best at the international stage."

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