Korea Sambo Federation

Korea Sambo Federation 

3F, 176-1, Jinheung-ro, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, 122-832 Rep. of KOREA

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Federation leaders

Chongkeum Moon

Kikwan Lee
1st Vice-President

Kihoon Kwon
Head of International Department







































The Korean Sambo Federation was founded in 2003 and is a member of the Korean Olympic Committee since December 28, 2009. The Korean Sambo Federation has 17 representative offices throughout Korea. Members of the Federation are 60 professional Sambo clubs, as well as taekwondo-sambo clubs, aikido-sambo, judo-sambo, wrestling-sambo and others. In the Federation there are 730 students and adults (men), 85 women. Given the children of school age, the Sambo population is 2500 people. On the Federation account the following results:

- Bronze, Kim Kwanzop, World Championship, 2009, Greece;

- Gold, Lim Zuyon, Kharlampiev Memorial, 2013, Russia;

- Gold, 3 Bronze, Asian Championships, 2013, Korea

- Silver, 2 Bronze, African Championship, 2103, Morocco

In October 2014 in Seoul at the Olympic Stadium will be the world championship among boys and girls, juniors and juniors (M & F)