Oleg Taktarov, master of sports in sambo, world champion in "Fighting without rules," a Russian and Hollywood actor:

I began to lead a more correct way of life, again there were forces to speak at a high level. Trainings I spend as in my youth - for two hours - but I do not get tired, as before, and so far no one has lost a single movement. What's in Los Angeles, what's in Moscow. Maybe the experience affects? But this is on the one hand, and on the other, interests have changed. Enough to hang out, seemed like enough, and realized that it was a waste of time. It's more interesting to read something, pee, drink some interesting people with tea.

Earlier, when I first started, I could once again be too lazy, and take a walk, the night did not get to sleep. And the dream is our main restorer of forces. And no matter how strong and young you are, without sleep, you still do not have enough for training. Now I realized that you need to comply with the regime, that you need proper nutrition.

In my childhood, I dreamed of becoming a scientist. I ate condensed milk with honey, could not articulate words. Was a downtrodden and very kind child. At the age of twelve I went to sambo, I studied for two years, I began to win in all. And then I look at my friend, two people attack, they were considered tough in our city. At me something in a brain pereklinilo, I them pam-pam - half dead are. Then they were washed for forty minutes in the toilet. Since then, a new life has begun.

The main sport in the Gorky region was Sambo, in Kstovo, then a powerful center was created. It was necessary to grow. I was in Kstovo offered very good conditions - the army, sportota. Coach Mikhail Gennadyevich Burdikov said to me: "One hundred percent - you will become a world champion". Only now the world champion was not in Sambo, but in the battles without rules. Sambo in those years, when I was actively performing, was in decline. I, I believe, managed to support his prestige for several years. Then the baton was intercepted by Fedor Emelianenko, and I decided to try myself in something else.

C iron needs to be dealt with, since it helps to keep the ligaments in good shape. I try to go through all the muscle groups. But in general I like to work in free weight more - push-ups, pull-ups, press exercises, etc.

In my childhood, I had one case when I just drank glucose before the competition and maybe it was a coincidence, maybe not, but I won the primacy of the Volga region in judo, being the youngest. Since then, more for psychological support, before every competition, I have been drinking glucose and it seemed to me that I was feeling somehow stronger.

The main thing for success is not paying attention to the difficulties. If something does not work, it does not mean that it will not work later. You just need to do your own thing and learn from your mistakes. And then, I like what I do, I have a soul for that.

By 1993, I was a wealthy businessman who had no enemies - at least in a criminal environment. Money from all sides, from all businesses come. And life goes by, and you are already 27. This was the reason for my departure: the feeling that I was being disgraced as a man who had a dream.

America was a dream for me. The first seven years were very bright, I liked everything, just enjoyed this country. I liked to travel, I liked to grow creatively, I liked to learn. And then - once - and somehow everything changed dramatically. Maybe there will be a new round, but so far there is none. While I have a turn of the opening of Russia anew.

My agents in America say that I'm an actor ten points on a ten-point scale, and as an athlete - only eight. And I think that 50 to 50. Both an actor and a fighter.

A few years ago I visited America, in the UFC. Then I found out that according to polls, in the US, I'm among the ten most popular fighters in the history of the Octagon. I do not think that something has changed seriously since that time.

And there are friends. Nicolas Cage, let's say. I even trained his son in Beverly Hills. There is a sambo school there. Cage's son has been my fan since a long time. Nicholas himself is fond of jiu-jitsu, and the son is sambo. Cool guy, does not depend on the father. One problem - likes to smoke cigars. That's all I'm trying to persuade him to quit. Another Robert De Niro - but here a big age difference prevents, or we would communicate with him much more often. He is a wonderful person. Still Guy Ritchie, with Matt Damon recently met. By the way, he likes Boomer.

I sent out invitations to everyone for the wedding, but none of the filmmakers came. They said later: "I could not, I was busy ..." And De Niro came. He left his children with his wife on the beach, broke away for two hours for a wedding and even managed to buy a gift. Here such person.

I broke up with all the agents. There are moments in life when you need to clean notebooks, phone lists, update life. I now have such a period in America. Many people want to sign a contract with me, but these agencies are not at my level. Well, America as a country for life does not interest me. As a country to achieve some goals - yes. If now I made a film that would have received an Oscar, and I myself would have received an Oscar, and the film would have collected a record box office, I would have quietly boarded the plane, said: "Goodbye, America!" - and flew away would be in Russia. But while I'm coming here.

The first two and a half years after the championship became a hell! Although the first six months and the word "hell" would have been mild to describe the situation. Very sharply my usual day was replaced by a forced schedule. Wherever you go, there is always a crowd around you. And they do not care about your affairs, they just want something from you all.

In Kazakhstan, I went to reward athletes and the whole crowd of spectators - about 3000 people - rushed to the ring. All the environment was somehow quickly pushed back, or withdrawn, and I turned around - there was no one to reward, I was left alone, with a belt. I did not know how to resist and where to go! I kept the documents on my chest, and they were turning me around, turning it, turning it - taking pictures, here ... And so for twenty minutes! But, fortunately, later the national guard appeared, cleared the way for me and pulled it out.

As a person who realizes that walking is much more useful, I'm on the car exclusively from the utilitarian point of view. For me it's a workhorse that needs to be able to do everything, a means to get from point A to point B, well, a place in the garage of course ...

My friend, knowing that I have rights, asked to take his car from Nizhny Novgorod airport. Despite the fact that this was my first trip and I, of course, worried, I did not get into any accident, at the same time in the process and learned to drive. And my first car was Volga 2401, then it was unrealistically cool ...

It happens: when you do not expect anything from a person, he shoots something out of the ordinary. So - Sergei Bodrov was the only sincere person on the screen. Sincerity is captivating. And most importantly, what is in my hero in "Montana" is sincerity. Let there there are six years of acting, but this, as it turns out, is not the most important thing. The main thing is that the hero does not play, but lives.