Today, on the FIAS website, the premiere of the new rubric "Sambo Style". We want to show that sambo wrestlers are not only strength and agility on the wrestling mat, but also femininity and grace outside the sports arena. And if earlier photo shoots of female athletes took place mainly on the podium, now we are going to show them to you somewhat in a different perspective. The Russian sambo wrestler Yana Kostenko opens the new section. World Champion-2012, she won the hearts of thousands of fans and millions of viewers during the Universiade-2013 in Kazan. To begin with, we arranged a photo session with Yana, and then we also talked to her. The result is in front of you.

- Yana, I congratulate you on the photo session. What is more difficult for you: fight on a sambist carpet or pose in front of a camera?

- It seems to me that this is always a double-edged sword - each profession has its own positive and negative sides. I can not say that the models do not physically strain - they are very tense, because somewhere you have to pull the socks, keep your back somewhere ... The wrestlers, of course, have more physical activity, but these are different things. On the carpet you fight, you get pleasure, show that you are the best. In the modeling business it is difficult to objectively prove that you are the best.

- But this is not your first photo shoot ...

- Yes, I have some experience. Twice I was filming for a portfolio, there are also shooting for my luggage for glossy magazines in Vladivostok and Moscow, as well as a stylish photo session in the fitness room. Also recently, I took part in a photo shoot for a beauty salon - and became the face of this salon in Vladivostok. In general, yes - the lack of photos in the personal archive is a sin to complain.

- Then tell our readers how you passed by the modeling agency and got into SAMBO?

- It happened at a very early age: I started practicing SAMBO from the age of four. Mom gave me to the section, but when I was five I already fought. I have certificates in the weight categories 24 kg, 25 kg and 26 kg. By the way, at that time my first photosessions also happened. I showed good results, and in the newspapers there were small articles with my photos.

- Why did the choice fall exactly on SAMBO?

- I had a coach Andrei Ivanovich Bugaev, a good mother friend. He then recruited a group, and his mother fell on his arm. I started gymnastics with him - I was completely stretched: twine and flasks (this is a somersault) I still know how to do. And then he began to show us different techniques. My first throw is the front step. Imagine, for three years from day to day I worked out the same technique. And then in 5 years I started to fight - my very first competitions were for boys.

Sambo Style. Яна Костенко (фотосессия)

- Did you get bad guys from you?

"When the boys won, they were somehow especially upset. They were not very pleased that their girl was pouring. There was such a competition in the city of Nakhodka - Primorye of the region, where girls did not usually perform. My video has survived from local news: there are 40 people standing there, only one of them is a girl. One of my rivals still performs at a good level and at every opportunity recalls how we fought before.

- So, you were a little girl as a child?

"No, I would not say that." I did not have a childhood on the street: I studied at the gymnasium, then went to the training, where there were girls and boys. And for the summer my mother sent me to my grandmother in the village, where I played with the girls in dolls.

It seems to me that all the girls play in the doll, regardless of what kind of sport they are engaged in. When we went to competitions, I always took Barbie's doll with me. My coach told my mother: "At the tournament your daughter is sitting, with Barbie playing and does not even try to follow the competitions. And then I say: "Yana, you fight!", She goes out and does everything right. " When I came out to fight, the coach told me "the front footboard" - I do, then "throw over the head" - I do. Thanks to this, I calmly won and continued to play dolls.

- SAMBO and femininity - how compatible are these concepts?

- It's all compatible. If you initially love heels and skirts, then you wear them. On the other hand, when you have two workouts a day, all this disappears by itself. Only on weekends, and then if you have a desire, you can afford cosmetics and some outfits. Now we have a lot of feminine and pretty girls in the team. They are watching for themselves, doing a manicure, a pedicure. Often you hear from the outside: "Do you go in for sports? But you're so cute! ". In fact, more and more very pretty girls are going to SAMBO.

Sambo Style. Яна Костенко (фотосессия)

"What about bruises and bruises?" Do not interfere?

"It's how you set yourself up." All people are hindered only by complexes - this is the only problem. If you do not have complexes, and you feel good, what difference does it make that you have an abrasion? You in fact from it or this will not like less. And you will not be able to fight it worse. I like this feeling when I walk down the street, and everyone who sees me thinks that someone is beating me. I find a small plus in the bruises. Because when they see you, they immediately say: "Oh, you poor thing, you so want to regret, pat on the head. Who hit you? ". Everyone starts to regret you.

Sambo Style. Яна Костенко (фотосессия)

- Do you get acquainted easily?

- Very easy and spontaneous. I can get to know each other. However, in most cases I do not need to do this myself - get to know me. Recently, at competitions to my friend came his friends, cheerleaders. They stood on the balcony in front of me and watched me all the time. Then we met, and it turned out that they are professional models. I liked them, and they appreciated my athletic figure. In general, they invited me to a photo session - they had known designers created a collection, and I eventually represented it.

- It's clear with girls, but how do guys react when you tell them that you are doing SAMBO?

- Only inadequate guys react inadequately. Normal men behave appropriately. Most people from the side say: you're done. But in general it's a matter of taste - someone likes me, someone does not like me.

Sambo Style. Яна Костенко (фотосессия)

- Have you already found someone who likes everything in you and who likes you?

"Somewhere my prince is still galloping, the horse is already out of breath." I feel, soon he will meet.

"Who should he be?"

- It's just a matter of heart to see and understand: mine. Appearance does not play a determining role, something internal must be plus charisma. I love the sense of humor, I want him to be sociable, he understood me. I need brutality in a man, I do not want smacking metrosexualism. At the same time I'm afraid to renounce, but it should not be a man from sports. If only from weightlifting or from basketball. I want high. I myself am not miniature, but I want such that next to him was like a small flower. That he really was a support and a shoulder. Despite the fact that I am strong, strong-willed and with a difficult character, a man should be a man. Said - means, said.

- Now all the candidates have learned what they should strive for, and we will return to sport in the meantime. What are your outstanding achievements?

- I want to win three times in a row World Cup - this will be my most important achievement. That's exactly how much I need - no more, no less. Once - won, the second - confirmed, the third - established! And quietly left - to get married, give birth to children, be photographed.

Sambo Style. Яна Костенко (фотосессия)

- Did not you notice the stellar illness behind you?

- Sometimes people who do not know me think that I'm arrogant, you just can not approach me. In fact, it is not. I understand very well that the higher you take off, the more you fall more and more quickly. Plus they say that the more you are easier, the more people will reach out to you. But this is a fine line, which is not always easy to follow. When you win something, a little bit of the crown begins to drag upward with a magnet. You straighten your back, shoulders and walk with gait. In such situations, you have to work on yourself, control your inner self.

- Did you have a moment when you had to hit yourself with a hat?

- They say that when glory hits a person too early, then yes - you specifically take off. And when everything is gradually, then you do not notice it. It seems that a year ago I won the World Cup, but before that I was already in the top three. In fact, I'm more proud when I win the Russian championship. When from year to year with the same opponents you score a score in Russia, this can not be compared with the World Cup.

Sambo Style. Яна Костенко (фотосессия)

- You have recently moved to the Russian capital. Can you say that Moscow is your city?

- Yes, I'm thrilled here. True, I'm still very much afraid that Moscow can offend me, because the city either accepts or does not. Although my friends-Muscovites say: if the city has already accepted you, it will not refuse. Moscow can not reject strong people, but I treat myself to strong, strong-willed and purposeful people. If I have already gone, stepped on the step, I must either stay on it, or step higher. Naturally, I try to go forward.

I like Moscow, I'm glad that there is a crowd here, constantly different people. You have the opportunity to see actors, celebrities, different people - interesting, original, creative, creative personalities. I rejoice at every day, I thank the Lord for waking up. We should all rejoice and appreciate every day.

Many are now obsessed with wrong goals and beliefs, people have disharmony with themselves, and many do not know what they want from life. In fact, to find yourself, to understand what you want, it is very difficult. At 23-24 years old, I did not know what I wanted. A year and a half it lasted, but then everything fell into place. Now I am in Moscow and try to move forward day by day.

Sambo Style. Яна Костенко (фотосессия)

"So, you're in Moscow, but still without a prince." Where, besides training and competition, you can meet?

- I walk a lot, I walk along the street. I probably just did not recognize the whole city, I really love looking at old Moscow. While it is not completely demolished, we must have time to look. However, on the street, I, in my opinion, never met. Somehow they were trying to meet me at the traffic lights. I walked along the street, I see a man smiling from the car. She smiled back at him. He left the car right at the traffic light, went out, wanted to get acquainted. I said: sorry, but no. Why? I do not even know - I'm starting from my instinct. Besides, the street brings me some doubt or embarrassment.

But in general, I must tell everyone: I saw my man in a dream many years ago. So I know exactly what it looks like.

Sambo Style. Яна Костенко (фотосессия)