On the unique form of single combat - "self-defense without weapons" - the sports world learned in the 20-30's of the last century. In the formation of SAMBO, like any other sport, many took part. However, such key specialists as VS Oschepkov, VA Spiridonov and AA Kharlampiev should be singled out as key figures. These dedicated SAMBO fans accumulated experience and knowledge, opened sections, and popularized sports. They understood the importance of self-defense skills not only for athletes or soldiers, but also for ordinary citizens.

The official date for the birth of SAMBO is considered to be November 16, 1938, when the Order on the All-Union Committee for Physical Culture and Sports Affairs under the SNK of the USSR No. 633 "On the development of the free style wrestling" came out. As for the name SAMBO, for the first time it appeared in VA Spiridonov's book Self-defense without weapons (training and competition), which was published in 1928. However, the abbreviation took root not at once: for some time in everyday life was the expression "free style wrestling" . The first tournament took place on November 23-25, 1939 in Leningrad at the stadium "Red Star". Time passed, and at the spring training of trainers in 1947 martial arts officially received today's name. In the same year, the SAMBO Federation of the USSR was founded.


SAMBO - universal single combat. It is based on many sports and national fighting, as well as various systems of self-defense. SAMBO harmoniously combined in itself a huge number of elements from such single combats as the French wrestling, the Japanese wrestling "judo", the Azerbaijani "gulesh", the Moldovan "trinte", the French boxing "savat", the Dagestani national wrestling, the ancient Japanese "jiu-jitsu" Mongolian "buh barilda", Chinese "shuai dziao", Armenian "koch", Tuvan "hapsagay", Georgian "chidaoba" and others.

International recognition

Over time, SAMBO began to enter the international arena and receive recognition abroad.

1956 - in Brussels at the prestigious World Exhibition the famous wrestlers G. Shultz and A. Karaschuk held a demonstration of SAMBO.

In 1957, a friendly meeting of Hungarian and Soviet athletes took place in Moscow.

1963 - SAMBO wrestling association was organized in Japan.

In 1966, the International Federation of Amateur Wrestling (FILA) officially recognized SAMBO as an international sport and decided to hold regular international competitions in this sport.

1967 - First international tournament was held in Riga. It competed with representatives of Bulgaria, the USSR, Mongolia, Yugoslavia and Japan.

In 1972, the same city met the first open European SAMBO Championship. Athletes from 8 countries took part in it.

1973 - in Tehran the first World Championship was held, which became the arena for sambo wrestlers from 11 countries.

Since 1977, the SAMBO World Cup has been played out.

1979 - in parallel with the World Championships for adults, the Junior World Championships were held.

Since 1983, the Women's World Championships have started.

1984 - the FILA Assembly decided to create an independent federation of SAMBO (FIAS). The president of FIAS was elected Spaniard Fernando Conte.

In the following years, the development of SAMBO was constantly gaining momentum, and single combat was gaining new fans.

In 2007, the World Championships in Prague hosted 332 athletes from 43 countries. XXXI World Championship went down in history as well as the first tournament, combining competitions in sports and combat disciplines within the framework of one championship.

In September 2010, the international recognition of SAMBO was confirmed by participation in the First Combat Sports Games of the SportAccord in Beijing.

Modernity and future

Today our favorite sport continues to develop. Already in 2013, SAMBO for the first time will enter the program of the Universiade competitions in Kazan, where the Sambo fighters from around the world will compete for the title of the best.

In addition to the sport of high achievements, SAMBO attracts thousands of people, united by the values, principles and ideals of this universal single combat. SAMBO is available to children, veterans, men and women alike. It is especially important to note that people with physical disabilities are engaged in this combat.

The popularity of this sport is growing, so many fitness clubs actively include SAMBO classes in their programs. Besides, now we are witnessing the birth of a new - beach SAMBO. And ahead of us there will certainly be many more interesting things, because self-defense without weapons knows no bounds.