Irina Rodina, 11-time world champion in SAMBO:

I'm in good physical shape - this prolongs life, it gives me energy. I try to convey this to the youth. It's also part of my job, and it's easy for me. I took my way of life, because I so want to live. With pleasure I go in for sports and I want everyone - both young people and adults - to understand this.

It's now I'll play through the leg with a grip from under the arm, all sorts of "twists" or "gobies". And in my school years was quiet and modest, if that, for me, my friends interceded. SAMBO for me began at the age of thirteen.

Honestly, I do not know what today leads girls into single combat. In my time, the fight was only allowed, and many teenagers went into sections motivated by interest in the recently-banned fetus. I saw girls much larger than me (and I was always plump), who walked with proud head, not at all embarrassed by the fullness and without experiencing any problems with low self-esteem. And I wanted to understand what gives them confidence, and wanted to become the same and walk just like them.

When I came home and told my parents that I would be engaged in wrestling, I met such a negative, such prohibitions: "This is impossible! This is not feminine! How terrible it is ... ". But after studying a little and drawing attention to other sports, I can say that, for example, artistic gymnastics is feminine only when athletes compete in competitions, and the training process is very difficult to sustain. Yes, in any sport, you have to strain and step over yourself.

Of course, our sport is not artistic gymnastics, for example, where 40-year-old athletes will not have any chance of winning before the grace and enthusiasm of young rivals. But in our sport, assessments are given not for appearance, but for those technical actions that you carried out on the carpet. Of course, they are already trying to say, they say, the age is already such, why do you need it. But if I love it, how else?

Probably, I just like fighting - it does not bother me. I do not intend to tie it yet. I do not yet feel that I have realized all my possibilities. Every victory brings me additional self-confidence. Probably, it's like in the institute - passed the topic, and, if passed the exam to "excellent", even better feel yourself, nice.

I do not think that wrestling is a purely masculine sport. Maybe a freestyle classic wrestling where strength endurance solves everything. And in SAMBO it's more a game not for strength, but a game of feelings - after all, we must feel each other as a rival will lead us. The most beautiful shots are obtained just when you feel the situation and work depending on the behavior of the partner. I can say that SAMBO is not a power sport, but an intellectual one.

Once in my youth I was invited to take part in competitions in mixed martial arts. When I asked what it was, I was told that this was just a fight, where receptions from different types of martial arts were allowed. I thought that the rules of judo, SAMBO, Greco-Roman wrestling represent, and decided to try. We went to Japan, where we were hospitably received and said that this Women's Championship is held only for the second time, and offered to watch the "movie" from the first Championship. Turn on the disc, and there in the first frame one woman sits sideways on the carpet, the second sits on it and hits it from above, then the first drops the second, and in slow motion, drool, snot, blood, her broken face fly ... I say: I have seen enough, we went home. " Coach persuaded me all night, and I, of course, left, and won. But I've had it all my life: I made all the pains, but before that I was beaten so that when I returned home, my mother did not recognize me at first, and then sobbed. At that moment, I realized that I do not like to fight at all!

If a person does not differ in intelligence and ingenuity, then, most likely, he will not succeed in sports. Because you need to think, you need to work on yourself, you need to know the psychology - to understand yourself and evaluate how the rival behaves. Even biomechanics need to know, so as not to stupidly invest, but to guess what will happen if I now apply this method. Of course, in the training process it is necessary to earn strength, swing, run, but the competition itself is just an example of prevalence in the struggle of reason over force.

I am proud that SAMBO was recognized as a national treasure of Russia. It's nice to embody the national sport and bring glory to your country. I want SAMBO to develop and receive a deserved recognition in the world.

Struggle gives inner confidence, strength. I can do something, I work, I work, I feel inner satisfaction!

If I do not go to competitions for a long time, something is missing for me, even thoughts start to climb: "I can not stop, I'll give it up." But without training, without competition, I simply feel bad. This keeps me in SAMBO.

I'm happy for myself, a man who can bring a medal to his native city, his country. And the opportunity to see the world, to get acquainted with different people is also a huge gift of fate. Therefore, as long as there is strength and desire, I will remain in SAMBO.

Of course, and throw a thought, but I'm not such a person to rush into the pool with a head, throw everything and start another life. And what other life can there be, when the whole life is in it? When, due to injuries, I formed a long break for recovery, I was able to think everything over, everything fell into place. I started to train again. Well, I can not leave.

Yes, the age already makes itself felt, and many of the loads that a young organism can withstand, I can not do it anymore. But, apparently, I trained well in my youth, that even that baggage that I received gives me the opportunity now in a more sparing mode to perform and show the result.

At 23:00 you usually sleep, because the next day is the same, and if you go somewhere to "hang out", I think that tomorrow will not be very successful for your professional skills. Personally, I think that if you are a professional athlete and you are interested in your work and the result, then at two-week training you will not be able to afford it. After all, of all, only one becomes a champion, and here he is, just at 11 sleep and lies down.

Probably, it is thanks to sports, where I achieved results, I know that nothing is simply not given in life. It is necessary to strive for something and work hard, and only then will there be a result. Striving, perseverance, working capacity - I think these are the qualities that sport has instilled in me.

I have a house in a village on the bank of the river. I leave there, merge with nature, I go to the bathhouse. I go there all year round. My closest people come to me.

From Perm to Tula, about two thousand kilometers. I am a motorist with experience. I like to drive a car, while driving my Renault Laguna I feel confident. Moreover, the roads in Russia are still changing for the better.

In our country in the transition period was a failure, people moved away from the sport. But they are already tired of this hops, from tobacco smoke. People want to watch for themselves, for their health. And I am particularly pleased that many people have found themselves in the niche of martial arts.

For me, it was a complete surprise that so many people watch themselves and pay much attention to their health. And you want to develop it, so that after all our nation has finally come out of this beer-smoky kumar. Often in the first training you hear: "Oh, I will not do it, I can not ...". But already literally a month later these people get involved and change so much ... And it's so nice to realize that these changes are happening thanks to, including you and your team!

I believe that the person's brains and speech are given in order to not bring anything to conflict situations. Man - he is also a reasonable person, so that it is reasonable to get out of some problems.

They say that I have a very patriotic surname. I try to match her. Always fought for medals for Russia. I will continue to do this further!