Svetlana Galiant, eight-time world champion in sambo, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Kamchatka Territory.

Any duel for the sambo wrestler is a very exciting event, creating conditions for the athlete's body as close as possible to extreme ones.

I grew up as a hooligan, my parents scolded me a lot, until my friend called me to a sports school. At the age of 12 I came to the gym for the first time, there were a lot of children, all different, it was fun and so interesting that I entered the section. At school, all noticed that I became calmer and parents began to call less in school. And I decided for myself that I want to be the best. I'm the redhead!

At the Olympics, I represented judo, since Sambo, unfortunately, is a non-Olympic sport. But I do and will do my best to promote Sambo to the Olympic family

Wherever I went to the competitions, I am proud to represent Kamchatka. When they tell me that Kamchatka is very far away, I answer: for me it is close, in my heart.

The most memorable for me was the tournament after injury. The doctor told me that I will not be able to fight anything, but I will hardly walk either. In August, I underwent surgery (a cruciate ligament plastic) and in February I performed at the Russian championship with bolts in my knee. And these competitions were for me like a second wind. I felt the wings behind my back, and this was a huge incentive to continue my career!

I want people to proudly say that we have a SAMBO fight, and it is developing.

It is a great responsibility to carry the Olympic flame through the native, beloved, wonderful city, and, thereby, inspire athletes to achieve high results so that they are the best.

I hope that in the near future Sambo will enter the Olympic family, and in the Kamchatka Territory there will be Olympic champions.

Athletes are people from another planet. I, when I got an apartment after participating in the Judo Olympics, did not even know that I had to pay for electricity. I was deactivated for non-payment. In general, it was fun when I came to the Housing and Communal Services Office (laughs).

At a turning point in my life, I became a deputy, and I got no less interesting work. But I do not forget about sport, and I give my love to children to children.

Coaching is my favorite hobby. It's nice to train children when their eyes are burning with the desire to be the best in their business. I try to cultivate in them those feelings for Sambo that I have, that is, strive for excellence and be the best in what they do.

Vladimir Vladimirovich invited us to a meeting. I gave him our natural stone in the form of the Kamchatka peninsula. We talked, of course, mostly about sports, for which I am fighting and believe that its development in the country is the priority of the state. Vladimir Putin presented me with a general photo, where the golden pen is written "Good luck, Svetlana!".

In Sambo I'm a total of 27 years. I just LOVE this sport and now I bring this love to children. Why do I love? Understand, this is insanely beautiful, this is such a plasticity of the body in motion. And for the children who deal with it, I think this is just a gift.

A child engaged in Sambo, in my opinion, is more "secured". Since together with sambo he gets also communication, a healthy and beautiful body and a goal in life. So, this child becomes beautiful, healthy and intelligent. What else is necessary for the education of a real person?

I believe that the warmth and love that a loving man surrounds a woman is priceless. For this, a woman is capable of any feats. I have these warmth and love, and I'm happy.

I would not be in the sport, if it were not for my husband-coach who inspired me with confidence in difficult periods, prompted, directed and gave me new colors in my life! Thank you, my dear, for being together!