Very soon, in May, the whole color of European sambo will gather in Romania - in the continental championship in this single combat. Sambo lovers are already in anticipation of a great sporting spectacle, and the FIAS website in the meantime presents to your attention another spectacle - no less, and perhaps more fascinating. We continue our project Sambo Style, and today you will see a photo session and an interview with Romanian sambo wrestler Daniela Hondiu.

- Daniela, congratulations on the photo session. What are your impressions?

- Impressions are just super! For the first time I took part in a professional photo shoot. Stylist, make-up artist, photographer, videographer and their assistants - so many interesting and positive people worked on my way.

- What were the feelings during the process?

- The most good. I felt free, because I was surrounded by good people with an open heart. First shootings were on the roof, then we were in the studio. On the roof is not afraid to be photographed, but to climb up the stairs was slightly afraid. By the way, earlier I thought that the girls-photomodels do not particularly strain at their work. And after today's shooting I thought: it's better to train all day than to spend several hours in a photo studio. It's not as easy as it sounds.

- In general, you spend a lot of time in training. Do you manage to spend time in your daily life?

- When there is time, we with the girls from the team like to make make-up, put on a beautiful dress and go for a walk. If we say to someone that we are engaged in Sambo, we are often not trusted and very surprised.

- And when you go to fight on the carpet, do you make-up or something?

- I do not do anything with my face, but I try to choose different bands in my hair. I have a lot of gums of different colors, so I'm experimenting. True, one hundred percent winning color has not yet been found.

Даниэла Хондю

- Tell me about your family.

- When I was 10 years old, my family and I moved from Moldova to Romania. At first we thought that we would move only for a while, but eventually remained there to live. I still have a brother and sister. I'm the smallest in the family. When the houses lived together with their brother, they had to fight every day (laughs). And the little sister immediately said: "Oh, just do not do anything to me."

- Did your choice of a sport were influenced by someone from the family?

- My brother saw at home that I have a lot of energy. Just wanted to give me into handball, I came to class, but it was not mine. There, in the sports school, I saw a training in judo, I really liked it, and I stayed there. And two years ago I switched to sambo. My first major competition was the European Championships in Moscow.

In judo, I could not be the first and did not want to be just a sparring partner for other athletes. I then even wanted to finish my career in big sports. But I was invited by a colleague, a sambo coach. I was at the Youth Sambo Championship in Bucharest, I looked - and I liked it, especially the opportunity to make pain on my feet. It was in Sambo that I managed to open up to the fullest.

Даниэла Хондю

- What is your most important achievement today?

- A bronze medal at the Sportakord Games in St. Petersburg. In addition, it is very important that Sambo in Romania is becoming more popular. I have been practicing this sport for 2 years already and I see that every year more and more people know Sambo well in our country. Thank you Internet and Facebook. In addition, our team is becoming more and more, we already compete at a high level in almost all weight categories. Although there are still funny moments, when some confuse the struggle of sambo and the dance of samba.

- And you, by the way, are dancing samba?

A little bit: rumba, samba - I know a few movements. It seems to me that all athletes can dance. I would say this: if you are a good athlete, then you are a good dancer.

- Did you meet your young man due to dancing or wrestling?

- Thanks to my friend. She met with a boy who studied in the same class with my future boyfriend. Once, on the day of the city, we went for a walk together in the company - since then and have been meeting for 7 years already. His name is Gianni Voronejanu, he used to be a football professional. We studied together in one sports school, only in different classes. After we met, I even did not go to school for a few days, so that people would not joke about him, as if I would use techniques if he did not listen to me.

Даниэла Хондю

- And how does he relate to the fact that you are engaged in Sambo?

- He likes it, he supports me in all competitions. If I lose, he is nervous, worried, trying to tell me where I made a mistake. And then he calms down and pities me, says: "Well, nothing, you will practice - and next time you will do everything right."

- When you win, who do you call first?

- Gianni and Mom. But my mother first.

- Daniela, did you have to use Sambo techniques in life?

- Once in the martial arts school I was useful. The girl who studied with me took something from my backpack. I told her: "Put it back." To which she replied: "And if I do not put it, then what will you do to me?". I took it and threw it across my back. She was then very surprised: "I thought you would not do it."

- Do you think that martial arts for a girl is good?

- Of course! Whatever kind of martial arts a girl does, she always gets better and more beautiful from this. Each girl has a style, a good posture, a beautiful sports figure. Even if bruises are sometimes, they should not be taken into consideration - after a few days they disappear.

Даниэла Хондю

- Now in the middle of spring, girls and guys are walking the streets, and you need to prepare for the European Championships. Not offended?

- No, I want this and I'm ready to spend as much time in the gym. And not because it's necessary, but because I want it. I dream of winning the "gold" of the European Championships and I am sure that I can do it!